Is anyone else running into this retarded problem with dating websites?

I think I know why guys have such a hard time on these sites. I'm browsing through profiles and I notice that 90% of these women are in the movie industry, business executives, or lawyers. Needless to say these chicks are probably super picky.

On another not, WTF? Are these ladies not pretty/smart enough to find guys in their industries? Come on, I just don't understand why they're on a website when they're surrounded by dudes at work.

Anyone else notice this trend or wonder the same thing? Or maybe there's a lot of dudes that are in the movie industry, speak up ladies.


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  • The most successful online daters are not using online because they can't get a date in real life. They are using it to have more choices.

    • I can see that. Are you speaking from a male perspective or a universal one? SingleVAchic has a different opinion.

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    • Should help you. LA has a female male skew in your favor.

    • I've actually read the exact opposite. Most of the west coast has a high male to female ratio. But whatev. It's not an issue for me. This was simply a curious issue I thought could use some answering.

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  • Have you ever had a job? If you have you would know most people you work with are older, married with famies. It's near impossible to be a guy/girl at work

    • Sure asshole... I have a job. Thanks for being insulting. I'm surrounded by 20-somethings and they're all fucking each other, as a matter of fact. Except for me because I don't shit where I eat.

      Try reading my comments on SingleVAchic.

    • And now I see why you're single. It's all clear now.

  • I'm a pretty successful, professional woman. I would never... absolutely never... date a man I worked with or interacted with for work. I also work long hours and don't want to meet men at bars.

    So in this day and age, the go to is Match or eHarmony.

    Before assuming a particular woman is going to be too picky, why not give it a shot. If you guys have things in common, are looking for something similar, chances are she'll be interested in meeting you.

    • That's not the question I was trying to answer. I usually disregard your type of women from the get-go anyhow, for personal reasons.

      I appreciate your input though. The first paragraph was very informative; it answered the question perfectly.

    • Hey, the folks at work would be able to introduce you to new people, wouldn't they? What about friends of friends?

    • I'd potentially be open to someone at work introducing me to someone. But I'd have to be good friends with the co-worker and know that my personal business isn't going to end up all over the office. But typically, I prefer to keep my personal life out of the office.

      Regarding working with a bunch of 20'somethings, my industry is similar. Lots of hook ups in the office, turns into office gossip, and ends up impacting them professionally.

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  • So THAT'S where they're all hiding...