He deserves better or do I? should I leave and break it off?

okay im 22 and i've been talking to this guy , he's 19 and in college playing basketball we met when he was in another state going to school and decided to try and get to know another. he told me he didn't want a title aka not calling me his girlfriend. it took a month before i actually got to see him in person because he was in school , well we have now been talking for about a month and a half and i was the first one to say i love you (sounds too soon i know) but its how i genuinely feel , well now that we can see each other regularly , he barely texts me back , we hardly see eachother and we haven't been out together , i recently lost my job and i feel like he hasn't been there for me and i've been very down and sad about it and he's not there for me. well i recently stepped out on him twice with another guy and i feel bad because i love him and i feel like he deserves better than me and i shouldn't have done what i did , i dont know what to do?


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  • first of all the whole not wanting a title is bullshit.

    its not about who deserves better, it just doesn't seem like you guys are meant for each other. he isn't there for you playing the part any guy in love would play. so where is the proof that he is love with you if he is not even there for you. you need to find someone who appreciates you and treats you right,


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  • Firstly, grammar and punctuation is important.

    Secondly, you guys weren't anything so you could do whatever you want. So don't feel bad.

    To be honest, he probably was never truly in to you to begin with, and was probably just trying to get laid.

  • All this happened in 75 days? So you said you loved him then cheated on him twice in about a month? Life is silly.

    You signed up for a LDR with a busy kid and then despite original difficulties continued and lo and behold he's still to busy for you. The good news is that finer pointing won't get me anywhere but the bad news is you're delusional.


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