Questions regarding long distance relationships enclosed.?

I've been dating someone for 4 months and he's probably one of the best people I've ever met. My problem mostly is that he's from the UK , I'm from the us.
I've grown up where that's just wrong and you shouldn't meet up with people from online , let alone date them so sometimes I'm still iffy in the situation. I don't want to feel like I'm a disappointment to him when he meets me in real life and of course there's that fear of being catfished. Plus , there's this feeling that I'm holding him back in certain ways which I really don't like. Are these normal fears? Do you think maybe I should try to take it back down to friendship and wait to see if he still wants me before dating again? I know its going to be at least September before either of us can visit the other. That seems like a long time to have said fears and I'm sort of confused.


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  • To avoid being catfished all you need to do is have face to face Skype time - at least then you know he's real!

    I've met someone online before. It was long distance as well, but we met in person after a long time. We dated for a few months.

    Honestly, I was disappointed. It took me a long time to admit it because he was such a great person, but I just wasn't attracted to him. I didn't feel any chemistry with him and we never should have been anything beyond friends.

    • I've been hoping to Skype for a while now but I only have a phone which sucka with Skype and he has no webcam. In fact, he didn't have a PC even until recently.

    • I'd get onto the Skype before you do anything drastic. Talking to eachother like that is very different to text/phone calls.

      And then talking in person is very different from Skype.

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  • I think those are reasonable fears, in this day and age anyway. Going into the relationship with low expectations and knowing the odds are against you, also seems wise.


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  • Most of these things, because of the distance, don't work out. It's not because the parties don't want it to, but the reality is thousands of miles apart no matter how you feel is STILL thousands of miles apart.

    Go slowly, don't put all of your eggs in one basket, and try to live a full life outside of him - see and meet other people this way you are protected.

    • I've been pulling extra shifts and trying to make friends to make that easier but that's somewhat difficult. I tend to hole up in my room and draw or sculpt all day when I'm off , which doesn't help with thoughts.

    • I know I do the same, lots of work so I get caught being alone too often. I understand that. I might sign up for the gym and then see about taking some sort of class this fall, too, just to mix things up a bit more.