Should I just show up? Or would that be creepy?

This guy I like invited me to his concerts, he plays guitar in a band and I was suppose to see him this past Saturday. I agreed to go earlier in the week, but I lost his number, for real! And so since my friend has his email I made my friend email him to tell him I felt bad and that I don't like to blow people off, etc. And he just ignored what my friend said, and just responded talking about his concert and how his guitar was out of tune, lol.

So anyways he has another concert this Saturday, and I was thinking about just showing up, but I don't want to appear creepy, or weird. He invited me multiple times to his concerts, it's just there was always something that came up why I couldn't go and such. And he changes his number like crazy and I lost his number, so would you just go to his concert this Saturday? Or no? lol. I feel really bad! :(


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  • Yeah just show up and get down! Lol in sure he'll be thrilled and I'm sure he will play way energetic and better by seeing u there, speaking from experience. Ah out of tune guitars...story of my life lol

    • Hahaha, get low! Lol! Yeah do you think I should? He completely ignored what my friend said, and he was going on and on about how great his concert but how he was mad cuase his guitar was out of tune or something like that, lol. It's just awkward now cause he didn't say anything. I just hope he is not mad and doesn't find me creepy if I show up, lol. Cause I mean even though it's a concert, it's a local band, and not many people know about it. Lol. So I don't know what to do, haha. But thank you for your input! So you think I should go? Haha. Thanks! :)

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    • I mean't hear* not see that solo, lmao.

    • Haha glad you had a good time! Haha his guitar gezz, tough to handle! : D

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  • 1. Maybe it's nature's way of saying something to you (number changer often huh? THAT's creepy lol)
    2. Don't go to cater to a guilt trip 'Miss. I want to be good to everyone', go if you want to go
    3. No it won't make you look creepy if you go but it sure will make you look needy & guilty which is worse
    4. He's a performer and he probably invites a lot of people too
    5. Still since you feel so much about it, get a platform to talk to him and wait for an invite again w/o it looking as if you are waiting for an invite and then go along :)

    • Yeah I am so unsure! Haha. I just don't know what to do, I am literally confused, haha.

    • Tell me something I don't know yet ha ha ha you're cute ha ha

      Use your head and don't mix up your heart here then you'll decide better :)

      Good luck :) - remember better a bitch than a doormat :) :D

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  • If it was several invitations already, go and watch his concert. He'd be glad and would even be surprised to see you. It's not being creepy at all. You're fine. :}

  • I think he will be happy when you show up :D

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