How to stop feeling sorry for myself in a small town?

I live in a small town and literally all cute girls are taken.

Now I think is fair because I've seen these guys, and even though I am a lot smarter than then, I noticed they all have better bodies

For a while I wanted to believe that girls didn't care about a guy's body that much, but in this small town it is just simply obvious i was wrong

I honestly think my face is amazing, I have a very good looking face, and my voice I always get complemented on it, also I do ok financially, at least compared to all these other guys

Girls are friendly with me, very friendly in fact, but I can tell they wouldn't leave their boyfriends or cheat on them because I don't have that great body, honestly all the guys that have cute girlfriends really do have very slender bodies, and even if their face is not that good, the body definitely outweights all that

now i don't like feeling sorry for myself and i usually don't, but from time to time i see older women that i know from town feeling sorry for myself, they see i'm not getting laid and they know how frustrating that must be for a guy my age

so when they project that reality onto me, then i get a little butthurt, because is true, a guy in his 20s should be having sex left and right, and that hasn't been the case for me at all

at some point i was so devastaed that wanted to try going for even a heavier girl, with worse body than i, a lot worse, and i manage to make out with her, but that was it, she didn't want a relationship after that, i think with her i came off weird because of my lack of sex, to some extend it makes you weird

but to be honest i think the only thing that is weird about me is that i'm not in a relationship, i'm tall good looking and have my shit together financially

last year i went on a crazy workout journey, and i did improve my body a lot, i did get a girl to be my friend and come visit me, but she said she just wanted to be friends, now i'm back where i started

my goal is to work on body this year again, even though i did went reverse after all the progress i did, i'm going to try to do even better this time, i'm not very confident because i had failed a lot, but it won't stop me to try


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  • Well think outside of the box in this case outside of your town. You don't always need to date locally love isn't in just one place. Explore and have fun. :)

    • Yeah I'm down, but is hard to meet new people, I guess is about time I start to strike random conversations with stranger girls at the mall or starbucks.

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    • it would be so awkward i don't know if i could pull it off, i don't want to creep out people

    • Just have confidence in yourself :)

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  • Why go for them because you could be their long distant cuz.
    Can't you find someone outside of the town?

    • what do you mean by long distant "cuz"? the closest town which is an actual city is 50 minutes away and i guess i could, but that would men i would have to learn to approach strangers at the mall or starbucks or something like that, you know it can be intimidating

  • Sounds like the basis of a good pop-punk song...

  • Why don't you date someone outside your town?

    • Yeah I'm down, but is hard to meet new people, I guess is about time I start to strike random conversations with stranger girls at the mall or starbucks.

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  • So what are you saying, that you're in good shape now? Give me your height and weight.

    Also dude, it's all about charisma AND the body. If you come off as nerdy then the chicks don't dig that. The need a guy that is going to fuck their brains out, know what I mean? I know it's crude but that's just how it is, especially kids our age.

    • I don't know how to NOT feel sorry for yourself. It's kind of a bummer if these older chicks keep bringing it up too. Just have a decided mind about it. Be strong, disregard what they say. If they bring it up change the subject.

      You could also be overlooking the fact that some of these old cougars are into you, just saying.

    • i know some that are into me, but now, they are too old, also i don't come off nerdy, i know what nerdy looks like, i guess i'm more like in between both directions, and i did improve my body but i didn't have much will power to keep it that way, also i didn't went all the way, i gonna try again this year and really ope to manage getting it done all the way to the ideal

  • Face beats everything. What are you stats?

    No matter what, don't say yes when these girls get older and come looking for wage slave to marry.

    • 6'3', 240 lbs, major improve, i was 305 lbs

    • That weight's fine. Good work on losing it too. I would just move to a place with more girls.

    • I'm thinking of joining a class at school