He wants to be friends with benefits?

So this guy that I'm really attracted to for like almost a month now.. Was with me in his car last weekend and he thought that I'm really shy, he intended that I should do something to break the ice. I knew he was talking about something like a kiss or something, anyway long story short: we kissed. And it was my first kiss. He's really experienced cause he's like 21 but I'm just 17 and I never really wanted to kiss someone as much I as I want to kiss him. He went in for a French kiss and I got confused I didn't know what to do. Cause I haven't really tried it before.. So I was like I don't know what to do and so.. Then he tried to kiss me again and he was trying to touch my boobs at the same time but I stopped him. I was panicking i don't know why.. He ended up laughing with me about it but he seemed pissed off and he was like you should read about it. When we were talking yesterday he told me that I need to know a lot and told me to watch porn. I was like no I don't need to watch porn, I know more than you think I do, blah blah. What do you think of this whole situation? Be honest about the whole thing and how you feel about it please!


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  • I think he's being pushy and not very gentleman like. for a guy suggest to a girl, who is inexperienced in sex, that she should start watching p*rn to learn is both a jerk, immature, and probably not a good partner for a first timer.

    A decent guy works with his partner to discover, uncover and perfect sexuality not "watch p*rn or read a book".

    I would be very cautious about this guy

    • You are right. He's not being gentleman like but I'm really into him. What should I do?

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    • I do feel ya. well if he's respectful then that's a good start. but he should and could be more romantic or at least suggest that rather than maybe talk to you about or help you improve a things instead you should watch p*rn

    • Thank you. :)

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  • Get away from him for good. Do not communicate with him any longer. He is just using you and you end up doing something you really regret later.

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