What would be the right move? To start moving or to back off?

My best friend thinks the guy I have a crush on is actually trying to flirt with her. He tries to give her away at the airport, He actually calls his friend to pick her up when he couldn't, and he congratulated her when she got her paper in. Are these signs that he really likes her? She doesn't like him, but it still hurts that he likes my best friend. She told me not to let got of my feelings because of this but it hurts. Should I get closer to him or should I just back off?


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  • Not super strong signs he's into her. If she thinks he's flirting with her he very well could be- not sure because I don't know what actually happeend.

    If you really like him I say give it a shot. Maybe casually suggest hanging out and see how he responds to you.

    If he isn't receptive he's probably not into you and you should move on


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