Why would a guy be so worried about me liking him for him before getting into a relationship?

This guy is hung up on the fact that I need to like him for him before we become official in a relationship. He just wants to make sure is what he keeps saying. In the beginning he kept telling me that he thinks I'm too good for him etc. He also said I could have any guy I want. Is this a lack of confidence thing? Or why would he be so cautious?

We get along great, have good chemistry and have similar interests so I'm not sure why he would be so worried.

Guys, why would you say this?


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  • You need to like him and he needs to like you a lot for this, or any relationship to work out. Some people are insecure with themselves and don't think that they are good enough for other people. I'm one. HAHA but yes he's just wanting to know for sure because it sounds like everything else it there. Do you tell him you like/love him?

    • I've told him that I like him and see a real future etc. Is there anything else I should be doing to make him feel more confident with me? He is the one I want but I don't know how to show that without coming on too strong. Heck I even told him that in our conversation by saying that I've made my decision and want to be exclusive with him. "I want you." He seemed very happy to hear that. What else would be helpful to do?

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