Ay tips on how I can own this whole single thing?

Any tips on boosting confidence and becoming sexier? How can I meet guys now that I'm newly single? What do guys find attractive?


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  • Guys actually like girls that are attracted to them. Not a sexy girl that only wants to pick up any guy by dressing provocative and going to the club n shit. Like that you will only pick up guys that are trying to rip and dip deffinitly not the type that will wait and commit. I guess it all deppends on what you are looking for as well. Cause there are some girls that like that one night stand stuff

    • I'm not into the whole scene. quite opposite.I've tried coffee shops and places of that nature but I can't seem to even have a guy approach me

    • Good things come for those that wait and usually when we chase things they always tend to run away. Take this time of being single to do some growing., soul searching. Go to coffee shops to actually enjoy some coffee and catch up on a good book, don't focus on getting approached by guys when you least expect it is when a nice young fella will show up in your life out the blue

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  • u got a guy once dont change anything


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