How do you tell the difference with a guy flirting or a guy just being nice and friendly?

There's this really nice guy that I'm friends with, and apparently I flirt a lot with him subconsciously What is flirting for guys?


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  • This is a good question. What's the eye contact situation between you two? Does the tone of his voice change when he talks to you (compared to others). Does he ever bring up other women he's romantically interested in with you?

    • I kind of forget to stop looking into his eyes. Oh gosh they are so pretty. I think he looks into my eyes too. But sometimes he will look away. :( Usually he will talk to me about more serious things than when he's talking to other people so of course his tone if different! He used to tell me about his girlfriend sometimes, but they broke up really quickly. That was in February. They went out for like 2 weeks. The ex HATES me. But since her, he hasn't talked about any girls.

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    • I have a feeling he likes me too, but he said that he wasn't interested in me romantically in November. Do guys move girls out of the friend zone in like 6 months? But he was interested in another girl at that time he said he was not interested, and they went out for 2 weeks until he broke up with her. She hates me so much. No clue why. She was really rude to everyone except for him, but I have no idea why they broke up. I don't know who to ask. Would it be awkward me asking him?

    • Just ask him to hang out more. "we should get lunch/drinks sometime...just hang out". Make sure it's just as friends. The more face time you spend with him the easier it'll be to gauge his actual interest. If what you see is true, the guy sounds annoyingly erratic. You know, not all guys have a large friend zone for women. My "friend zone" only seats like 3 girls lol. It's such a weird concept honestly. Give it one last effort to find and then move on. Don't let him waste your time leading you on. good luck

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  • flirting is any interaction between a man and a woman that would be awkward if done with the same sex.

    • So for example?

    • If I told a guy he had a great sense of style, it might sound a little weird but if I said it to a girl, it'd be flirty.

  • If he looks at u a lot and gives u a lot of attention. He likes u

    • Wouldn't just a friend do that too?

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    • Sorry this is long. He's been my friend for a year. I told him I liked him the first month I met him bc I was just so in love..stupid I know. he told our friend he wasn't interested in me romantically, of course he wasn't bc he was interested in another girl. He broke up with her within 2 weeks; she terrible btw. Insomewhat understand guys now, so like I'm trying not to go too fast. We both make eye contact, and he smiles and laughs when he's around me. I don't know he's the nicest guy I have ever met w/ the best manners, so it's hard to tell. And he's really shy around other people, so I feel like he wouldn't make the first move but idk. We never really have physical contact besides for he will always shake my hand for no reason and we high five at tournaments or like some times for emphasis when he talks.

    • He wants you as a friend

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