How can a girl not be needy towards a guy?

So I met this guy and we hit off we have been together for about a month and just yesterday he said I'm needy. I see him all the time most of the time he will text or call and ask me to come over, so I do and when I get there I will say hi and he will kiss me some times but other times he just ignores me so eventually I will try to get his attention. Am I being needy if I want some love from him some times? If so how can I not be needy?!? Please help!


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  • How often do you call him? How often do you need him to do things for you?. I think the best way to "not be needy" is to know how to stand on your own two feet.There's a difference between wanting and needing. Be independant and do things for yourself as often as you can I guess. I guess "needy" reffers to someone who depends on others to provide something for them, Whether its love, comfort, a lift somewhere or food on the table. Maybe he thinks you depends on him too much some something?, Of course the best way to clear it up is to talk to him =].

  • It sounds like your being too available, try being a little unavailable and you won't look as needy.

    If he invites you over to his house tell him you your busy but I can come over this so and so day.


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