Friend hops from one guy to another?

Hello men and women of gossip and advisors. My friend she's 33 years old mother of 2 kids one is 17 other is 13. Im worried about her dating life. She puts all her effort in one guy but soon as she don't hear from him for 3 day's she dates another guy and talks to me about moving in with him and future things etc. BUT soon as the guy don't talk to her for more than 3 days ON TO ANOTHER ONE!!! She often tells me guys would flake on her aftrr 1 or 2 dates. look as far as she tells me she don't have sex with them mostly a hot make out session. Is my bff soarly insecure?


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  • I mean it's her business... unless you like her? It does set a bad example to her children but not everyone is perfect. Let her be.

  • She's just scared of being alone. I can relate. I'm the same way

    • Her scared? She's one of the strongest women I know.

    • To bad im like a brother to her

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