Did my narcissistic cheating ex ever love anyone even his first love?

He told me about her but he has always seemed as someone who had low self esteem. She needed up cheating on him and leaving him for the other guy.

Ended**up cheating and left him for another guy.


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  • Can't tell from your information. Need more

  • No. Narcissistic men only love themselves. I learned that the hard way

    • That's what I figured. That's why I think he never got over it because she played him instead of it being the other way around. A normal person won't forget about their ex but won't make someone e;se pay for someone else's mistake. Only a manipulator would do that. They have low self esteem deep down hiding it with their arrogance.

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    • I just want to kick myself right now my first boyfriend was the best guy I have ever been with. He wasn't misogynist and he really did love me. I wasn't as attracted to him yet he was great and IK messed that up. Now I'm here years down the line and I'm having to deal with men that hate me. Have you heard of Tony Gaskins and AskCheyb their pretty good love coaches. Check them out.

    • I suspected that maybe narcissist men hated women but this guy in his article just confirmed my suspicions. Just the same as narcissistic women hate men.