Should I write a closure letter to this guy I was dating?

I met this guy last year on an online dating website (I know, great start). Anyways, he lives in the UK, I'm in the US. Let me begin from the beginning, I created account last July and messaged him around July 10, he didn't reply until August. Then about a month into talking/skyping he claimed he had a family emergency and I never heard from him again. I recently came back to the site and messaged him out of curiosity. He contacted me again a month later and told me he would have stayed in contact had it not been for me deactivating the account. We had been communicating all this week up until Saturday when we were discussing his move to the US through his job. He asked me where I would recommend to go and of course I said near my location...Now I haven't heard from him for two days and I can clearly see he has been online. My friends all recommend I should write this guy a closure letter since it's almost been a year now and I can't seem to get over him. I feel like he playing games with me or something. What should I do?


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  • If it will settle your mind then yes. Do it. There is no guarantee that he will respond or say anything back. For all you know he might respond back just to see what else he can get out of you.
    The closure is more for you not him. If he wanted to get hold of you he could have skyped messaged you. So he is not telling you the full story.
    But do the letter, and make sure you block all communication after that. There is no sense in leaving that open and starting a new line of garbage with him.


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