Why is he wanting to be "officially talking" even though we've never met face-to-face?

I don't get this. We met through Tinder. We both go to the same university, but we connected after summer break had started and live 3 hours from each other. We've been talking on and off for a month. He hits me today with the fact that he wants to pretty much be officially talking, though we've never met. I don't even know what to take from this. I had another guy try to do the same thing by telling me I should stop talking to all other guys but him, though we never met because he knew he had competition. Do they not like the thought of competition? Afraid they'll lose me? What should I say to him...I like him, but I don't want any kind of "official" anything until we've met. What is he trying to do? Welcome to 21st century dating/flirting/confusion.

"I mean, we can talk, yeah. I like you. I just keep my options open until I'm officially dating someone. And, I'm honest. Lol." I sent him that. What else could I of said?


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  • why haven't you met since you go to the same university?

    • We met through the app after everyone had gone home for the summer. We each live in our hometowns 3 hours away.

    • oh ok. he is just trying to keep you to himself, he can't just wait until school starts or you can set a date to meet before then

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