Nothing after 8 years!

Do you think there is any chance someone can change their mind and want to come back after 7months of breaking up?

I was with him for 8 years.

He shows me no emotion, won't answer my calls and only sometimes will answer my texts.

He tells me to stop texting and to leave him alone.

Why hasn't he experienced any pain like I have and still are?


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  • You're torturing yourself every time you text/call him, and every time he tells you to leave him alone. You are being a glutton for punishment, and fooling yourself into believing he might come back.

    It's harsh but true, and I'm so sorry for your pain.

  • I would have to say it doesn't sound good. If after 7 mo's and he is also telling you to quit contacting him I would have to say its time you move on.

    Look how quickly things change in marraiges of 20 + yrs. Over overnight

    So yes it would seem it is over and time for you to move on with your life . We only get one crack at it so make the best of it and enjoy.