Did I say something wrong to him?

by the way we've never met in real life and we've only known each other a week but i'm starting to like him here's our convo today:
Him: i really like you, more than a friend haha
me:me too but maybe we should give this some time, i hope you're not mad
then he responds late.
next convo:
Him: would you be my gf?
Me: maybe
him: would you be my babe?
Me: we would have to meet for that to happen haha
he hasn't responded and it's been over 2 hours and i know he read it, what am i saying wrong?


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  • ...I'm not gonna lie, I've never really understood how people can be in an online only relationship.,,

  • Hmmm let me guess you met each other on an Internet dating site right?

    • how is that possible?

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    • Thanks it was awesome. It took me a very long time to get over her I was having a very hard time. She was like my wife

    • i understand

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  • Nah..meeting first is definitely what you should do

    • i'm starting to think he's loosing interest, but i don't want to text him again and seem needy :/

    • He seems sketchy..

  • I think you're fine but he probably didn't want to hear that. Make sure you meet the guy before dating him!

    • I'm scared that this means he doesn't want to meet me in person/have a serious relationship

    • It's good you're thinking that. Means you think things through. I would honestly think the same.

      Try to gauge how serious he is and go from there, I would say!

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