He doesn't answer anymore, is he uninterested?

So I've been talking to this guy for a few weeks now and things seemed to be going well. We were talking every say, he would send me a goodmorning text and we would talk up until one of us would go to bed.

This weekend he pretty much just stopped talking to me. He usually texted first but on Sunday I texted him first and we talked a little and then go hours without answering even though the text said it had been read. When he would answer me he would say "sorry I was..." And that's fine I don't need a text back all the time, if you're busy then you're busy. I went to bed without a text back and then later in the day yesterday he said "sorry I didn't answer I was..." Again, fine, whatever. Our conversation was going good yesterday until I had to be away from my phone for a while and he said "alright have fun" and when I got back to it and told him I could talk he read the message but never answered. It wasn't late or anything, and I turned around and saw him posting stuff on Facebook so I feel like he wasn't busy. I never send more than one text. If he doesn't answer me one night, I do not text him the next day, I don't want to feel needy or annoying.

Has be decided that he doesn't want to talk to me anymore? We've known each other for a while but just admitted that we both have kind of liked each other for a while and started talking about dating. We've yet to go on a date because our schedules haven't matched up this month but we are planning one for June. May was a crazy busy month for both of us and we both understand why the other can't go on a date.

So any ideas? Am I overreacting about it?


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  • The novelty of communicating with you via texting may be wearing thin with him.

    After certain point is reached, usually within the initial weeks or months of talking to someone, guys tend to drop off of the texting and, oftentimes, they will fail to sustain the type of effort they previously gave to frequently communicate in the beginning

    Now, that does it mean he has lost interest in dating you, necessarily. It simply very well may mean he is ready to progress to a more interactive way of communicating with you, e.g. in person, on dates.

    The point, most guys text to get their point across, while our counterparts, women, text as a form of communicating and keeping in touch, in my opinion.

    With that in mind, I think he's still looking forward to the date in June with you.


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  • If u both meet regularly then u can ask him next time u see him. If u are serious about him and u feel he is playing games. Then tell him u have been off lately. Wats bthering will help u if i can. Clear the wind and spk out all is solved. If u are too confident ask him out somewhere and he will get it u are into him

    • Most likely it will be of two things.
      1) he is busy or having personal prblms or 2) he is jus not that into you

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    • As I said in the question, May has been a busy month for both of us and neither of us have been able to do anything but we've already discussed going on a date as soon as possible. I don't want to be "official" bf/gf until after we've gone on a few dates. Is that what you mean by ask him out? My issue is that he has stopped communicating and I think he may have gotten bored/decided he's no on her interested. Even though he told me he's had a crush on me for the past three years.

    • then in this case... stop texting and call him to speak... if he ain't picking calls and leaving it for voicemail... clearly tell him that "I hope everything is alright. if u have any problems pls feel free to discuss my line is open 24*7 and i care about ur well being" this is more than enough and this is now clear as daylight that u care about his absence... if he is truly into you... he will call u ASAP and say i am sorry and he will either tell his problems or misunderstanding which u both had/have will be cleared/... hope now i made sense ;)

  • You're over-reacting.


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  • Is he in college? He could be very busy with end of school year work. Also, guys are not into texting like girls are. Try to call him once in a while, so he doesn't have to text. I hate texting for too long, too. It does get annoying after a while. Give him some space and try to only reply when he is the one to contact you first. That's the only way to really see if he is getting tired of you. If he goes weeks without talking to you at all, here's your answer. Whatever you want to do next is up to you.

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