How do you know you are ready to become sexually active in a relaionship if you are a virgin?

I am still a virgin at age 22 and I am currently seeing a guy. He really wants to have sex but because I'm a virgin, I really don't know if I am ready. How can I make the right decision? I just don't know what to do


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  • You will know when your ready. Everyone is different. Some people are more comfortable choosing a date and then doing it. Some realize they are ready and one day during a makeout session or whatever they just go further. When you two are kissing and touching does make you want to have sex? How far can you go when the nerves start coming into play? Also how long you been with him is important too. While I know he wants sex hopefully he is sensitive that you are a virgin and be supportive as being one for this long shouldn't be something just thrown away lightly.


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  • that's all what he wants as i see , only having sex with you?
    ask him if he remembers something about you , something you told him ,, i bet you he won't remember

    these kind of people are looking for one thing and this is sad , if a relationship is based on Sex then it won't last forever , just telling and it is up to you if you want to give yours to this guy or not , i am just sharing my point of view

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  • i am ready for make sexual relationship with your's, what do u want to me, if u wan to meet me than contact me at my Skype id is, i will waiting your ans.byeeeeeeeeeee darling


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  • Its normal to be nervous, and if you really care about him and if you know he cares about you I don't see why you shouldn't try :)
    Just make sure there's lots of foreplay.
    You could try going from making out to dry humping (its the sexiest thing you can do with your clothes on!)

    • I am also afraid I will get more attached to gjm after I do it for the first time and also start thinking about it a lot. Would that happen?

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    • Yes he is.

      Do you want to be together more just to have more sex or is it just am attachment type of thing?

    • I should have clarified, but we've only TRIED having sex a few times.. he's huge and he hasn't gotten more that a few inches in so far
      But I do find myself constantly thinking about him and wanting to try again.
      He works and is tired so I only see him maybe three times a week, and sometimes it doesn't seem like enough. And I would be fine just hanging out without sex, but since we haven't REALLY gone all the way I always want to try when I'm with him.
      And once we do actually do it im sure well both want to do it whenever we can :)

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