Is it just sex or does he like me more than that?

So I met this guy through mutual friends about 3 weeks ago. He messaged me on fb and asked if he could take me out some time. I was pretty busy so didn't agree to an exact date, but we continued to chat over text.

Last week, he asked if I wanted to do something and I said I was free Sunday night, but I had to look after my dog who's just had an op so he would have to come to my house. He suggested steak, wine and a movie. All of which we did and it went really well. Then needless to say, one thing led to another!

He stayed the night and gave me a long kiss before he left in the morning.

He has continued to message me since then. We have arranged to see each other again on the weekend. But he seems very keen to see me sooner.

He left his wife about 5 months ago (clean break). I guess I'm just wondering if we're just going to have a sexual relationship or if it could be that he actually likes me more? I do like him and would consider a relationship although I'm not sure I want anything too serious. But I think I do want more than JUST sex.


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  • At this early stage; just sex.


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  • There's a most powerful strategy to figure out if he wants just sex, it's called "Cuddle only.". Call him over watch a movie and so on, but don't go past cuddling. Trust me you'll notice if he dislikes it, and if he does it's just sex.

    • That's quite difficult for a couple who have just started to see each other and the passions all there. Also I'm not sure if that would give me the answer. He spent a whole night cuddling me and stroking my arms etc whilst we were watching a film. This was before anything actually happened sexually

    • You're right... Well, you can try asking him for a cofee or w/e just to see if he's actually investing into your relationship rather then just spending his extra time. Hope it helps.

    • Not really, if he likes her of course he wants sex! And if she does not give it to him he obviously won't be happy but that does not mean he does not like her?

  • if he didn't like u, he wldnt come and sleep over whether 4 sex or nt.well get him purposely and or deny him d opportunity to sex or it mood.then u wld knw.well still give him sum time

  • To early to tell...


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