help trying to date a girl that i meet in the gym?

Im trying to date a girl that i meet a few days ago in the gym, i noticed that she looks me in time to time, and smile, so i just start to talking her and one day ask her to go out, and she says yes, but the next day i talk to her on a chat, and she says that, she won't promiced anything and that she got to though about it... and i just get like what? well a few days has pass already and today probably will see her again, i dont know how to act, ask her again or ignor her.


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  • did you mean to say she had to think about it? if so, i'd ask her again.

    • i ask her today and she says that, didint think about it, and make excuses like that she got a lot of things to do like clases and training and stuffs like that, but she says maybe the weekend, but doesn't sound like a yes... i dont know what to think :/ is she rejecting me? or is a keep trying

    • i think she is being nice and not wanting to let you down if she made up those excuses... sorry. it wouldn't hurt to keep trying, but if she rejects you again, then move on

    • Ok thanks a lot :D i will move on

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