Is this a joke or foreal? confused?

Okay , so my friend and this guy met at prom, and they exchanged #'s and started talking; they really hit it off and became close very quickly; well then all of the sudden he was like i want to be friends; i wanted to date but then i realized that im fixing to graduate and i really dont know what i want. right now. and so she got mad and stopped talking to him. Well 2 weeks later he was like, i dont want you to be mad at me , i still miss talking anf hanging out;But he claims that he just wants to have a friendship; butu he got jealous when i told him i was talking to another guy; he still calls me beautiful;

What's a girl to do in this situation?


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  • Wait is this about you or your friend?

    • its about me

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    • Probably, but he doesn't want to make the effort. I'm the end it doesn't matter, though

    • So its no one of those things were the guy really likes the girl but doesn't want the girl to know about it, so he pretends he doesn't like her and only wants her as a friend

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  • wow nice but pick one guy to live with on time better am single as well.

    • what does all of this mean

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  • Leave him alone, he can't have his cake and eat it too

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