I am so confused, one day my ex wants to talk to me and acts like my boyfriend and ask to see me then the next day he will say leave him alone?

And never talk to him again and that im a stalker for trying to talk to him and get angry at me then he says he doesn't know what he wants then a few days later he will all of a sudden ask to see me :( i dont know what to think anymore its tearing me apart. What should i do and why is he doing this to me. Will it ever change :(


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  • Believe it or not the problem is not you but him. Any guy that does a U-turn that quickly has issues. It's nothing you've done it's something he's going through himself and you can't control that. Don't blame yourself or something you haven't done. Take responsibility if you done something wrong but if you haven't don't take his responsibility on you. Good luck!


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