GIRLS: Did this girl text me to try and show that she IS INTERESTED and NOT rejecting me? There is NO DATING in her culture/strict parents?

I like a girl and am 95% sure she likes me back... however, she has STRICT parents and in her culture/religion there is NO DATING or hanging out with guys alone. She is 21. One day she came home past 10PM and her mother started yelling at her and got really mad... the next day we were texting, and she opened up and told me that she cried last night and stuff. I consoled her, made her feel better and told her she was awesome. I then decided to ask her if she wanted to go catch a movie sometime soon, and she said that she is going to keep the going out to a low for now so her mom doesn't get mad. I was bummed and wasn't sure if it was a rejection...

However, the next day, she texts out-of-the-blue:

Her: "Hey, I listened to your new song today... I love it, it's amazingly good!"
Me: "Thanks a lot I'm glad you like it :) I put a lot into it"
Her: "It definitely shows that you put a lot into it :)"
Me: "Thanks Susan :)"
Her: "You're welcome :)"

I am wondering if she did that to show me that she is interested and wasn't rejecting me?


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  • She just likes you. She may want to date you, but can't so she just wants to keep contact with you. If you like her be a friend to her. Everything doesn't have to end up as gf/bf for it to be meaningful. Friendships last much longer. But if she is serious about her culture and religion don't pressure her to do things she isn't supposed to be doing and move on romantically. It's not going to work out in that way.


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  • Yes, she's into you... but you won't get any further than this unless something changes with her parent situation.

  • If you like this girl - you have to play by her rules - she is not allowed to date but you can be her best friend with the mutual understanding that you both like each other.


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