I secretly have a thing for a man. He thinks I hate him?

Let's call him G. This guy use to express himself, but before him I got my hurt broken and didn't want anything to do with him. I didn't really like him anyway. Just a little. I begin to avoid him and started to gain more feelings everyday. He would try and get my attention, but I still avoided him. I thought it would eventually go away. (My feelings) he got a gf 3 months later, and 3 years later they are engaged. Once I was near him and he was talking to his friend. He got silent looked at me and started to talk about taking a girl to dinner. He try going through my phone, when he got a gf. They were together for a year. He told my mom he didn't love his gf and maybe one day he would. He would always make it known that he had a gf. Everytime I would be near he would talk louder and look at me. He came to my moms wedding and he offered an umbrella for me and he was going to leave his gf. She was a photographer there. I said no and he kept trying to walk with me so I ran. I was talking to this guy (let's call that guy A) in back of work an he stood there angrily. I needed a mop and he (G) was in my way. I told him to move and he just kept staring at the guy. I handed the mop to A and left and G went to talk to the guy.
There was this other instance when we first stopped talking and this other guy was talking. I was putting stuff away. And the guy I was talking to said hi to G in a sarcastic way, because he was staring at me. G replied do you need somethjng angrily and walked away. The guy replied just saying hi.
Anyways with all this, even though he showed this. I ignored him, but I like him so much. he's engaged now

Must I also had he thinks he isn't my type. I told him the guys I'm attracted to. It's true, but I ended up liking him a lot


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  • Girl, either this guy loves u a lot and wants u to give him some kind of sign that u still love him, or it is a simple jealousy. And my opinion is that it is never too late to confess your love. So, just give it a shot and tell him about ur feelings. Hope u'll get what is best gr u. Best luck


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