is it weird that we didn't have sex the date after having sex?

tonight was my fifth date with this guy. on the last one, we went all the way. we've been in constant communication since, and things have been good.

tonight we went out to dinner (well, i guess we were there for 2.5 hours or so), then we went back to his place and hung out and chatted. at the end we made out for a while, and we stopped and he told me he'd talk to me tomorrow, then we made out again. i finally pulled back a bit and he said "you should get home before i change my mind!"

is this weird?


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  • Not weird, just off what you said he either is concerned about you not having a late night, or wants to have a night of getting to know you more outside of sex (aka catching feelings). Worse case scenario he isn't all that into you or he had other plans following your date, sorry just half way helpful I guess, but realistic

    • thanks. i doubt he had plans after seeing as i left just before midnight and he works at 6:30. i also ended up paying for dinner (he's paid for everything else), and he said he would get it next time. when i was leaving he brought it up again and thanked me for dinner, saying it just gave him an excuse to score another date with me as it's on him next time, and i don't think he would say that if he's not that into me, but i guess we shall see.

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    • Azara you know it's just a term right, lol, I mean not all of us need to have sex to catch feelings (develop :p) sometimes we want to just hang and pick up on things that aren't as obvious as having a straight out discussion or sex, but when I responded with that that was also before I knew he had to be at work in about 6 hrs ;)

    • Like I said you are good, don't sweat it, just roll with it, and let the dude get some sleep!

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  • No. Just because you had sex once doesn't mean you are obligated to have it every time you see each other.

  • No it means he forgot his viagra


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