Places to meet people over the summer?

I'm back home for summer break and I want to find (as horrible as this makes me sound) a short term boyfriend i guess you could say. More than friends with benefits but less than serious boyfriend. I've never had a boyfriend though and I dont know where I can meet new people in my city. Like I hang out at the mall and go out with my friends but I never meet new people. People dont come up to me so I just dont really know how to go about doing this.


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  • Yea I got the same issue just separated and want a new girl, I always get nice smiles and girls checking me out ,, I even say hi but only get a hi back and a smile then we walk are separate ways,, it's difficult pulling strangers off the street hmm...

    • exactly!

    • I don't drink either and that's how most people meet strangers and get laid, I go to the gym and chatted to a girl the same age as me who works there, shame she has a kid there's no way I'm getting involved with a single mother at my age. Might get lucky 1 day,, at least your a female it's even tougher being a male because you can always come off creepy trying to push for a convo with a female you don't know , where as us boys don't really care if you come talk to us randomly.

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  • you can find a bf easily don't you have friends at home?
    hang out with them and ask THEM about your city;p you can also look at the net , recent events , school proms , parties , mall city center , bar or clubs etc.

    • I have friends but we all hang out with each other. We're really close and basically everything they know about the city I already know

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