Why did she break up with me curious?

Me and my ex girlfriend were dating for 2 months things were going good I would take her out to dinner, we would go on walks in the park, talked about going to the beach and she said she wanted to have sex with me eventually (almost did the last time we were together) anyways she talked about what a great guy I was and how she enjoyed being around me I never cheated on her or lied to her I was real with her but s few weeks ago she became distant and cold she broke with because lack of communication but I know that bull I recently seen her drive by in a car with another guy


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  • I think you answered your own question, she met another guy.

    A lot of girls (especially if you haven't slept together) take a while to attach to someone. As you were only dating for 2 months, I'd say it was just a matter of not having had enough time together to form a real emotional bond, if that makes sense?

    As hard as it is, realize that fate intervened. She's not your destiny, so go out and find the one that is.


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  • Forget her please... Move on...

    • easier said than done

    • I know...how hard it is...stop thinking everything by your heart...life doesn't end with women.