Is my tinder messed up? Everyone that I "like" says it's a match? I thought they had to like you first? So confused.?

I've had tinder for awhile but never used it before. I just redownloaded the app on my phone today and I was scrolling through and "liked" 4 guys on there. The it's a match thing popped up. How is this even possible? Is everyone a match that you like on there?

I don't really understand how it works. Now they are on the side chat bar so now what?


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  • Guys like everything, because they are desperate and horny.

    It's very rare a girl likes someone on tinder and doesn't get a match.

    • Oh interesting. I wasn't sure how it worked. The app seems kind of silly to me anyways. A lot of friends were talking about it over the weekend so I wanted to check it out.

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  • They haven't officially shared their formaula, but it seems like people who have already liked you come up first when "searching for new people." I feel like this is true because when I travel out of state and use Tinder, I have to go through quite a bit of guys from the previous state before I get to guys who are actually in my area.