Do you think I should just move on?

Sorry if it's a bit too long.

So last year in August I began liking this one guy, and eventually I just grew infatuated by him. He always ignored me and paid me no attention whatsoever. I decided I would never have a chance so I moved on. I had always secretly liked my best friend, but I guess it was stronger now. I told him I liked him and he said he liked me too. (At this time he had a girlfriend) so he'd flirt with me and what not. He said he didn't want to leave his girlfriend cause she needed him or whatever. About two weeks later his girlfriend checked his conversations and found out about him and I flirting and stuff. All my friends and his friends were angry and calling us things. His girlfriend wasn't a good one too. Anyways, he broke up with his girlfriend but when he did he completely changed with me. He avoided me during the day, small talk at night, all of a sudden he went back to best friend style. I asked him to tell me the truth and he said he didn't want to date me now but later on cause he didn't want drama. His girlfriend already moved on and whatnot. I still like him but I'm upset that he only showed affection when he had a girlfriend and now that he is single he doesn't care. And to add to that my other friend likes him and we're all going to see each other next year. I have multiple classes with him as well.

Should I just move on?


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  • Wow. Great situation you're in.
    Firstly, it is possible that he may have associated these bad experiences ( the jeering by your peers) with interacting with you, and thought it was better to stay away.
    I would not doubt that he still has feelings for you, so I say try to mend those issues (come on, they're in the past now!) and see if he would still be interested in dating you whenever he feels ready.
    It's always better to put yourself out there than to never know :)


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