Why is he like this now When he wasn't before?

When my bf and i are laying on the couch I will put my phone on the table next to him. Lately when it goes off he will check it when before he would just hand it to me. Why is he doing this now? I use to check his but I don't anymore. We got in a fight couple weeks ago and I told him if he's not gonna stop being a jerk then I'm not gonna try hard to make our relationship work. Someone told me that he could be doing this because he has done something he shouldn't have done and wants to make sure I haven't. Is that true? Also we have been dating for 9 months

  • Is he doing something he should be doing like texting another girl
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  • or is he like this since I told him I'm not gonna try as hard and don't check his phone much
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  • I'd check his phone when he doesn't know it or isn't around.. probably in his sleep if he's attached to it. If you announce that you want to check it he might get defensive. If he isn't glued onto his phone, or checking it ever few minutes to half an hour he probably isn't doing anything. But if you suspect anything it's better to know than wonder.

    • Well when I've checked it in the past I didn't see anything. Just thought he was texting this one girl cuz he saves his texts and i noticed hers were gone. So i accused him of texting her and he got his phone bill history online for me to look at and I didn't see anything. I had trust issues from guys in the past. But he proved to me he wasn't lying. So it made me trust him more and that's why I don't check it much anymore.

    • Well even if you checked it in the past, it doesn't mean it couldn't be more recent.