My crush checked me out during band when I went to throw something out and my friend saw. Once I looked at him he turned away does it me he likes me?

Want to know what it means me and him are only in 7th grade does he like me back


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  • Don't jump into conclusions. It's just a simple stare.

    • Ok it's just I really like him

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    • If he knows you like him, he won't need to fear rejection. He'll most likely appear closer to you. As in walking close to you. Or anything to be close to you. If he does appear next to you, smile or say Hi. He might be wanting to you to initiate conversation.

    • Ok thanks sooooo much

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  • If a man does not break his neck when turning away from you it's not fast enough to like you.

    • Ok he turn when he saw me turning to look at him

    • Then that just means he was looking at you. If his eyes weren't full of passion and lust so as not to turn he's still in a state of independence and you don't own his heart yet.

    • Ok he put his arm behind his back when he saw me look at him

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