Typical high School crush, need some Help. Not sure if scared or realistic?

So there's this chick in my school that i find really pretty and classy even tho we never talked before.
i kinda want to meet her but at the same time i Don't because I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be interested in me, at least physically attracted. She's like 15-16, I don't even know her age, but she seems pretty mature, and I'm 18, its not wrong for me to find her so interesting right? Even tho she's a minor and I'm 18 i think its ok because the age gap is not that big...

so should i make a move on her or what? If we were the same age she would definitely be out of my League, but since I'm a bit older I may have a chance what do you think? Girls like older guys isn't that right?

I have no idea if she has a boyfriend or not, I know nothing about her life, only her name. We are Facebook friends but she never liked any of my stuff, that would be a sign that she was interested right? I mean, if she was interested she would like my stuff but she could also like my stuff if she wasn't interested, but if she never liked anything she is definitely not interested isn't that so? she is not very active on Facebook as far I know tho, she almost never likes stuff, or at least that's what it seems so I don't know.

I want to meet her in hopes of being in a relationship with her, in all honesty, I don't need more female friends. But I don't want to feel bad and ashamed for trying to make a move on her and things don't work out.

deep down I want you guys to tell me I shouldn't do anything because I'll get hurt but even deeper there's this little voice inside of me hoping that you tell me to


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  • Guessing by the ages, which by the way the gap is not even a factor it's a common age difference, she's a sophomore and you're a senior? You should definitely make a move. All my friends date seniors, and we're like pretty athletic people, etc, but the seniors are also pretty cool. Just cause she doesn't like your stuff on Facebook doesn't mean she doesn't like you. I'm too scared to like any of the guy I like's insta pics. You can just check her Facebook to see if she has a boyfriend. So yeah, go ahead and talk to her and get to know her and flirt it up! You have nothing to lose. If it doesn't go well, you'd be in the same place you are now but you would be able to move on to someone else. If it goes well..then...congrats! The fact that you're older definitely gives you some credibility and probably puts you a little higher up in her books, and if she still doesn't like you well that shows if she's stuck up or not. Go ahead and make your move!

    • "and if she still doesn't like you well that shows If she's stuck up or not" I'm sorry, English is not my first language, I don't know what you're trying to say:/

    • It's okay, I just meant if she doesn't like you then she is probably pretty judgemental, and you don't want to be with a judemental girl anyway. I meant there's some girls who wouldn't talk to a guy who isn't very popular or good looking, even if he's older.

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  • You should talk to her if you're that interested, that's the only true way to get any of the answers to your questions. Please don't worry over the little things, just talk to her, take a leap. If you like her even more, ask her out. If things don't work out, you graduate school soon, yes?

    Also, DO NOT take Facebook into account for anything, yuck. That gets messy really fast. Try not to pay attention to what she likes or does not like on FB.

    • Well you make a Lot of a sense and thanks for the FB tip, seriously, thanks a lot, but I'm still not sure if I should go in, still doesn't sound like a good idea... Do you think I'm scared and that's why it doesn't sound like a good idea?

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    • Ask around about her, to people you know won't gossip about you asking. Ask as if you're just curious. Say something like, "Yeah, so and so and blah blah blah are really great together. Hey, do you know if so and so has a boyfriend?"

    • Yeah I've tried that already, no concrete information so far

  • Usually that age gap in highschool screams of older guy looking for a naive girl.

    • What is that suposed to mean?

    • Means older guy looking to just hook up with the younger hotter girls

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  • Hey bro. I know what that road's like and my advice is to stay away. The term is jailbait I think. I know the age gap is small, but being an adult, you should prob stay away. I understand the innocent nature of liking a younger girl, but society doesn't understand that you are virtually the same age.

    • Thanks man but I don't know, a lot of the couples I know are like that, the only way I could get in trouble is if she's a slut and pretends I raped her right? Or problems with her parents?

    • Yeah. If things were to go south, she could probably rack some charges on you. Not necessarily convictions, but definitely dirty your good name.