Is my boyfriends mom hates me? is trying to compete with me?

my bf and i have been in a 4yr relationship and were both 24yrs old.

boyfriends mom is always trying to compete with me or make me feel bad...well thats how i feel. when i came back from a family vacation, his mom told me "too bad your back, i only see my son when you're away"

then recently when i was coming through the door she yelled out "boo" and i was like "o" and smiled my bf said good thing i didn't scream because that would have scared his mom and she replied with "yeah thats good she didn't do that or else i would hit her" ? wth!! zoo beyond disrespectful! who says that? why would someone say that? how do i approach this situation? helpppppp!!! does she hate me? does she not like me? what should i tell my bf? what if he says that its no big deal? what if he sides with his mom? i need advice. she's always "joking" with me and says really rude, mean and disrespectful things to me.

by the way i didn't respond to it and neither did my bf.


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  • If he is an only child, you are taking her baby away from her. Same if he is the youngest child. She is dealing with that loss as one deals with the stages of death. 4 years is a long time, however, but my guess is that he still lives at home. Since I don't know the dynamics of that particular relationship of you and her, it's merely conjecture. He needs to get his own place and let her get over the empty nest syndrome. I'm sure she is rather depressed, and it comes out in sarcasm. And yes, she does not like you, but it's probably her, not you. It's her problem, and until she learns to deal with it, she will be bitter, and unfortunately it will be directed at the cause of her psychological distress--you. Look up the stages of death by Kubler-Ross, and think about it accordingly--think outside the box. Good Luck.

    • Yep.She doesn't want to be replaced as number 1 woman in her son's life.

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  • She doesn't want to be replaced and you're probably "the one" to him

  • If you guys been together 4 years and are both 24 why didn't he go on vacation with you?