I like guys who look like my ex?

Is that wrong? He has blue eyes, brunette hair, & a pretty strong & long jaw with thin lips. Seems like a lot of guys I find attractive look similar to him. I thought I was "in love" with him but I quickly realized it was just lust. His personality and the way he talked made me want to bash my own brains out... I'd never take back the "original" guy but would prefer dating someone else who looks the same but acts different.

If this is wrong, what should I do?

P.S. I also find a lot of guys who don't look like my ex attractive...

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  • I believe This is the 'Mold' you are looking for even Now, but with Better Qualities than what your ex had possessed. This turns you on.
    It's not actually a 'bad thing,' just what you seem to be wanting in a man right now. However, deep down, I think you miss your other half, and want to still feel part of him with you, just an 'Upgrade.'
    And it's fine that other guys you find good looking don't resemble your ex, but you appear to be leaning in the direction of what was once your type, and still is.
    It may be just something you're going through at the moment because of the break up, and it's a sort of closure for you to find contentment in this. It may or may not pass, depending on who you finally settle down with.
    When I was a teenager, I was with a guy for 3 years, and after we split, I was aiming for guys who looked like him. However, I was always comparing Them to Him, which showed me they were a Rebound at the time, and I never was completely contented. It took years before I was able to really move on. Perhaps you haven't yet.
    Go with flow for now. And if you meet your dream boat, blue eyed beauty, don't try to 'Mold' him into something you want him to be.
    Good luck.xx


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  • Everyone has preferences. Your ex probably just matches what you prefer physically. It doesn't mean you're going after these guys because they look like him lol.

  • It's cool. You weren't in love with him so it's not a big deal, you just have a type.

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