Is it a good sign if guy texts you right after date?

I'm talking about within 10mns of date, saying "It was great seeing you again" Or is that equivelent to just a check mark off the to do list, lol.


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  • Yes it is a good sign. I'm thinking as you were saying good night, something similar was said. Or I had a good time tonight.
    It shows there is a real interest in seeing you again.


    • What if it was during the day (lunch date) it was lunch break at work.

    • Same thing. After the date, is after the date. Lunch, dinner, breakfast ◕‿↼ . It's all good.

    • Haha gotcha! thanks!

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  • No that's nice, hard to see anything more in that though as any polite person. Would do that wether they like you or not tbh.

    • Good point!

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    • Lol shhhh. :)

    • too young for me though lol

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  • That is quite a good sign. No it is not a check mark. He is assuring you that he had a great time with you. :)