How to I handle this situation in order not to ruin the great time we have been having?

I have been seeing my ex on and off for a few months.
The last week or so has been absolutely amazing. We have been getting along, he has wanted to hang out with me, we have joked and laughed and just generally enjoyed each others company.
Then, last night we both went to a party and were extremely extremely drunk. He left early with his housemate and I ended up having a panic attack (for no reason) in the middle of the pub.
This morning my anxiety was extremely bad and I did what turns him off, messaging him a lot. I thought he was ignoring me but he was just asleep.
He didn't get angry or anything (by text), but he has been a bit distant today and when i tried organising something for Sunday he just said 'maybe'.
He is going home for Friday night and is busy all saturday. What should I do? I really loved where we were at!


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  • If you loved where you were at, why did you take steps to ruin it?

    "I did what turns him off, messaging him a lot."

    You can't undo that stuff once it's done. So why do it?

    • Firstly, I have anxiety, so sometimes I do stupid things that I don't think about first.
      Secondly, I didn't ask you to judge what was already done I merely asked you to provide a suggestion as to how I can fix it.

    • I don't think you can fix it. This is like smashing the window and then asking how do I fix it?

      It is so obviously unfixable, I have to wonder why you smashed it in the first place.

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  • Relax! Take a deep breath, don't worry. It's amazing how little control we have over anything, just chill and take it in your stride

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