Does he still like me or not? I really need opinions!! Please help!!!

I don't know whether if he still likes me or not. After I had confessed to him, he didn't want to look me in the eye and would avoid me everytime. Even if we talk he would seem nervous and awkward. Actually he had confessed to me before but when I confessed back to him he said that he only treated me as a sister. If he only treated me as a sister why would him confessed to me in the first place? I'm really hurt and i can't really sleep these few nights. I'm really desperate to know what he thinks and he feels. Like the story I told in the last question, he's really a good guy till the day I confessed to him. I tend to get jealous when he's with another girl and sometimes I even wanted to tell him face to face that I wanna to be in a relationship with him * which I didn't actually do* but I was afraid to get hurt. I'm really lost. Please help me :(


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  • He may just be afraid the next move. The same situation occurred between me and my old crush. We told each other everything, and then did nothing for a while. We were both too nervous to do anything. It was really awkward Eventually I did ask her out and she said yes (yay)

    He may or may not take that first step, so in my opinion, ask him out. I know it sounds crazy, but guys like to be flattered too ( if he's the right guy.) If he's some macho man, that may not agree with his ego, but otherwise... Go for it.

    • How long did you guys maintained silence till u asked her out?

    • Like 3 weeks. It was so awkward.

    • Owh... Mine just happened like nearly for 2 weeks.. Maybe I'll try to ask him out but the problem is I don't know where to go if I ask him out lol

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  • At this point and time you told him how you felt and there is nothing left for you to do but wait. I know waiting sucks but thats all you can do because you dont want to pressure him because that will just make him more distant to you. He knows how you feel give him time to see if comes to you and just for now be your self and have fun.

    • So should I just act normal and just talk to him like we used to in school? Or just act like strangers?

    • Just act Normal like he is just a friend, and if he is interested he will make that next step if not there move on find someone else who will like you just as much as you like them.