What do I have to worry about?

Ok so me and my ex have been dating for a good month and a half. Though we aren't Facebook official I feel like I'm worried about something's.

She has this one guy friend (who in my eyes was the reason we broke up in the first place) I hate. He slept with her while we we're on break.

When she came back to me she said she'd leave him alone. Honestly I don't care if they texting cuz I can't stop her to go cold turkey. His in the marines and she told me when we did break up she did try dating him, but she couldn't cause he would always be gone and what not.

I don't think he feels the same about this.

Now she has guy friends. I know where some stand and whatever. I just want them to know I am her guy and they should fall back respectfully. One of my friends saw that her marine guy posted a pic of her in her graduation outfit on his header...I know red sign.

He didn't tag her, but I'm still thinking. What's up?


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  • it sounds like you have some trust issues with this girl, and that makes me question if you should be with her at all. i'm a firm believer that girls can have friends of the opposite sex while having a boyfriend, and i expect my boyfriend to be cool if i talk to other guys. but there has to be respect (i have to respect my boyfriend in that none of the guys i talk to will replace him) and he has to trust me (that i will stop any advances any of my other guy might make).

    • I knew someone would post something like this. No I don't care about her guy friends. I don't care what they post or text her. It's what she tell them that would be the factor. If her relationship with these guys do start getting between our relationship than she should decide that either that friendship end or find a solution.

      What I don't understand is not all guys have trust issues with guy friends. We hardly care. It's you girls that seem to give your guy friends so much attention that get us thinking if more are going on.

      I don't believe guys that you used to date will ever be your friends. No guy will. Even guys that you were sexually involved with. No guy would be cool about you talking to an ex. Unless it was every blue moon or something.

    • thats why the girl has to respect her boyfriend in the way that he should feel comfortable if she does talk with other guys- she needs to be able to reassure him that she isn't going to leave him and let him know that nothing is going on.

      and i've asked my boyfriend about that last part- about him being cool with me talking to my exes. he is my first "real boyfriend", but i have talked to the guys that i could've had something with before and he doesn't care. he knows how i feel about him.

    • Yea as long as there reassurance not just by words, but the actions. I've been in relationships where I thought the girl loved me. She hung with guys who I had felt no threat from. This hanging with them wasn't like every once in a while, but sometimes constant. To the point where it was messing with our relationship. We couldn't go out without her having to cancel without one of her guy friends wanting to hang.

      We ended up breaking up.

      I feel like your bf should respect that your going to have guy friends, but never feel threatened. If he does than that's the gf job to talk to him. Most girls will rather leave the relationship for their guy friends. I've seen it. Is it the guys fault? No.

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