Relationships are never easy, please help me?

I'm a girl who needs her freedom but I started dating someone. We were getting close real fast and we were kind of together.(nothing official) He often said : If we were together I would not like it that you go out so much.. I also dated an ohter guy and he knew that ( he didn't like it) One day we were together official.. but we were so used to sneaking around that it did not feel like a relationship.. He also said that he had difficulties with admitting himself to me because of his previous relationship ( She was a controlfreak, he even had to shut down his facebook) I was angry and ignored his texts and just went partying as i always do. I week later i texted i was sorry , that it wasn't right of me to just ignore him after he told me how confused he was.. He just said that he felt like I didn't care and we ended things.

Two months later he starts to contact me again telling me he was ready for a relationship but I just couldn't do it, I was still hurt... So i told him to leave me alone and blocked him everywhere.. He texted me why i blocked him but i ignored him. I just had to figure out if my feelings for him were real.

A few weeks ago he started texting again, asking me if i had had enough time.. I said i had , because i knew i loved him, but i could not tell him that cause he has a girlfriend. But he started texting me all days again and he started to flirt with me again. I asked him about his girlfriend and he said that it wasen't anything serious. (I wonder if she knows..) He said he was happy to hear me again and he said that he hoped to continue the beautiful thing we had in the past. He gave me hope so I told him my feeling for hem never went away but suddenly he turned cold again. He responded: 'I'm so sorry I confront you with this.. ' I said it was ok and we continued texting for days... now it has been a week since i heard from him..

What should I do? Should i let him go or prove him i do care?


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  • well, he has a girlfriend. so either he is lying to himself and making himself extremely miserably, or he is bad news and you should stay away from him.

    • I just realy want to be friends again, I miss him so much :/

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