Do you think it's better to plan sex for the first time with a new partner or just let it happen?

I'm seeing this guy who wants a relationship with me and we are both just seeing how things play out, we were friends before and started to get feelings for each other just recently. The only thing is, he's 8 years older than me and I'm a virgin. He told my guy friend he's not in it for the sex and he really likes me. He wants to hang out on Friday and watch a movie. Should I just see how things go or do you think we should talk about it and plan it out?


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  • Most people just do not think of losing virginity with right guy. So get to know him. Do not plan it out but if you have a date night and then want to go somewhere nice could book nice hotel to make it nice for you thats what me and my bf going to do


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  • Let is happen. Sex is natural. Why should I be plan? If you're a virgin, wait for that moment