Is this a better chance he would cheat on me?

My bf has told me I suck in bed and I smell. He didn't come out and say I smell but he has made joking comments. Why would he stay with me if he thinks this? Also Is there a better chance he would cheat on me?


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  • you suck in bed? Do you smell?

    • I don't think I do. I mean sometimes there's a little smell but all girls have different smells. I've been with other guys and they have never complained. I think he is also insecure. And sometimes I wonder if he wants me to feel that way to because there is some guys that flirt with me when we r out and he doesn't like that.

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    • Is that normal for guys to do that when they are insecure about themselves

    • IT's normal for people to do when they're insecure.

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  • instead on looking at the negative side, try thinking on the bright side that he joked baout it instead of saying to ur face maybe cuz he cares about whta u should do is try to improve ur self..look at the internt to improve ur skills in bed and take baths more often, wear perfumes to make the smell go away..hope it works out for you :)