Why can't guys just be honest about how they really feel?

Girl meets guy, guy makes girl wait a month before meeting her in person. On this get together guy and girl talk for 3 hours, after the meeting guy has not responded to girl in 24 hours. Guy was bold enough to invite the girl to look him up on FB.

Of course the guy always made the girl wait at least 24 hours before responding to a message. Should the girl just write the guy off as a loss? Delete him on FB and say good riddance?

I don't know much about dating but from my understanding a guy responds to a girl on if he likes him.


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  • Most guys can't be honest about their feelings with women because they are not able to be honest about them with themselves.

    With limited information it is hard to know what is driving him, though it sounds like he may just enjoy having you stroke his ego.

    I think if you ask the question "should you write him off?" then you already know the answer are looking for validation and should write him off. The only other good option is to be straight with him and ask whats up with his behavior.

  • some guys have avy emotional issues that society says we shouldent show so we bottle things up and tell you what you want to hear or what we think you want to hear

    • Spot on. I also would like to add, unless the guy is an obvious jerk to you, who cares if he takes 24hrs to contact you? Kids these days are so plugged into their phones and computers, that when they actually meet a normal person (who isn't obsessed over electronics) they don't know how to react.

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