Have you ever dated your ex to get back at them?

My ex dumped me, and then wanted to go out with me again. This was not the first time it happened to me.

The first time I refused to go out with the girl because she betrayed me once why would I trust her again.

The second time it happened was years later with a different girl. She wanted to go out with me again, I said I wasn't sure and just wanted to be friends. Then one day she says she loves me, and I said I loved her too (even though I didnt, and she cried because she was so happy).. At that point I knew I would probably break her heart but kept thinking maybe I would eventually fall in love.

A few months after that it ended. I never really loved her, but I was a little sad that it ended. I never saw her as being a good person or someone worth loving, but she was very attractive and it felt good to make other guys jealous.

Does this make me a bad person?


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  • nope dude it doesn't make of you a bad person...for the 1st girl (she is the one to have betrayed you) for the second one ;you didn't really loved her, it was only attraction..you were kind to her in saying that you love her only because you know she is a good person and you didn't wanna hurt her feelings...you caused no harm dude


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  • No, you tried to love her. Sometimes it's good to be selfish, that way it helps you figure out what you really want in life.

  • Yes. To answer your final question.


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