I'm so awkward he's so awkward. Yikes?

I really like this guy, and my friends think he likes me back but I have no idea. Sometimes he will seem like he wants me as more than a friend, and other times it seems like he friend zoned me. We are both pretty good friends; the problem is that we are both so awkward. Especially in a group. Like we will be able to talk perfectly fine if we are alone, but in a group Idek I'm friends with and I talk to everyone but I suck at talking in those big groups.



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  • From a guy's perspective?

    If you're another guy, and he's a she, I tell you to go for it and ask "her" out.

    Seeing as you're a girl though, social norms say you must not ask this guy out because you're a girl and incapable of doing such things.

    Wait a minute. *gasp*

    You should ask this guy out.

    • Ohhh but he's such a nice guy. I'm scared that he's going to say yes because he just feels bad for me. By the way he knows I like him. I told him almost a year ago, but I'm silly for I just met him at the time. I didn't even look for a reaction or an answer.

    • You vastly overestimate men. If he's not interested he tells you no, and you move on. If he is interested, he says yes.

      I do realize this is much more easily said than done. Men suffer the same kinds of anxiety when it comes to asking women out. But someone once told me that if you never ask, the answer is always "No."

    • That's so very true. Thank you

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  • All you need to do is go ahead and talk to him more! That's it! I'm guessing he likes you because of your looks and it's the same from your sad because you both don't talk much so you both can't possibly know each other as people very well.. So start talking to him.. Get to know him.. And see if he's worth the effort :-)

    • My looks? No I talk to him all the time; he's a really good friend of mine. I know him really well. He tells me all of his secrets. I just get so nervous around him, and I don't know how to act when we are in a big group together,

    • Try to mix with everyone equally when you're in big groups. See if he craves for your attention

  • your both introverts; which is probably why you have a hard time with large groups of people. As an introvert myself I found that it takes a lot of work to become more social; you may want to do some research to improve your social habits and be more open.

    • No I'm an extrovert, and he's an introvert. I'm just awkward around him.

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    • yes especially if you notice that he stays near you when it comes to being in a large crowd

    • He sometimes does, but if he doesn't he will always be a little bit farther away in front of me looking at me though.

  • What you need is group therapy lol

    • Lol how do I get group therapy?

  • Stop being so awkward. You just need to spend more time and be comfortable with him.

  • No clarity in question!!! yikes:)


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