So is he telling me he's not Interested, or am I overreacting like usual?

He looks me in the eye, and he smiles. He will open doors for me, and he will ask to hang out with me. I keep trying to make plans with him, but he keeps denying. Like I really thought he was into me, and I set us to watch divergent. The day of he texts me saying Ahhh my mom wants to go see Divergent. Apparently his mom is a fanatic of the series, but still and apparently he said his mom likes me so why would she ruin our plans? I met his mom once btw. And I recently have been trying to make him see another movie and I keep suggesting stuff. He says he doesn't like Spider-man he never saw the first movie of blah blah and stuff like that. I stopped responding, and he sends me a text 3 hours later saying I'll see though. We go out to study all the time, why not see a movie? :(


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  • You're not just hanging around for his convenience, are you? Tell him he is too unreliable to allow you to include in your plans. If you want to see a movie or go somewhere and he is unavailable you should get another friend, male or female, to go with you if you'd rather not go alone. If you feel you two have a close relationship, then you should tell, not ask, him what behavior you expect. If he does not cooperate, then proceed without him as I offer above. It might be good for you to exercise your power to control your life.

    • No, he will ask me which day works best when he first asks me. But usually he will invite our other friends. Thank you so much those are some good ideas!

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