If who you are on a date with does not offer to pay, should this be seen as a red flag?

If a are on a date with does not offer to pay, should this be seen as a red flag

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think both should pay for their own. A girl shouldn't just expect the guy to pay this is 2014. Its nice if they guy offers, and as much as I dont like people paying for my stuff I know better than to argue, and to just let him do what he wants. I've had to let go of complaining that he always pays. He just likes to do it.
    Some girls though expect a guy to pay. Its nice if he does, but shouldn't be a red flag if he doesnt.


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What Girls Said 3

  • It actually depends on who asked who out. If she asked you out on a date then she should pick up the check. But if you asked her out then it's only fair that you pay because you asked.

    • If she doesn't offer when she asked out out on a date then is that a red flag

    • If she asked you out then it may or may not be a red flag. She might have assumed you automatically were going to pay because you're the male. Some girls are not familiar with the whole dating scene so don't assume she's a snob or dependent on you to always pickup the check.

      I've never had to pay on a date unless I offered to but I've never asked someone out to a date so that's the only reason I didn't have to.

      But if you two decided together then it's best to go Dutch. It wouldn't hurt to let her know ahead of time that you don't really want to pay for her, it's simple. If you're not making great money then discuss it to her. Most girls understand if your not a thee figure rich man. If she likes you then she'll date you...not your money.

  • normally the guy should act as a gentleman and pay

  • Guy should always pay.


What Guys Said 1

  • whoever asks, pays. It's that simple