Its been 2 days and he wants to meet?

So i recently met this guy on a dating website. Its been 2 days since we started texting and he already wants to meet. Should I meet him? He's actually visiting my city from another state so that's why? But I am not comfortable meeting so soon since i dont know anything about him. My friend says its now or never. And when i asked him when will be the next time he will be visiting he said he doesn't know either..He is a nice guy but I dont really know anything about him. He's goodlooking and all too and i am fat so I have a feeling he will reject me. I am feeling a bit down thinking that i have to meet him i dont really want to be rejected. can someone help me with some sort of opinion of what i should do?

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Yeah we were gonna meet at the mall for coffee so it is a public place. I am kind of having a self esteem issue more than any other issue. I am fat 5'5 size 12. :( He is really good looking...
gosh i am heartbroken and i shouldn't have met him! i took a friend along with me and he was more interested in her than me and i saw him checking her out so many times!:( yeah i am never going out again!


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  • first ask yourself this; if he doesn't live in your state or visit your city often what would be the likeliness that you would end up dating him after this date?

    also just seeing a picture and texting a person doesn't give you enough basis to go off before meeting someone. i did online dating and saved myself a lot of trouble by skyping with guys first. i can tell you i was creeped out by all but one (who i am now dating). I became comfortable with my now boyfriend before going to really MEET him because we had actual face to face conversations.

    next point: dont worry about how you think you look. he has seen what you look like and he clearly likes what he sees. i was worried the first time meeting my bf that he wouldn't like how i look because i have braces and im 20, and i wasn't comfortable with how i looked with them, but he thought i was gorgeous and thinks i look good with braces.

    warning: most guys on dating sites are out to find a f*** buddy not a serious gf so make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.


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  • Okay, let me say something here. I had to Google a size 12, and apparently that's approximately a 30 inch waist. This isn't fat. I doubt you're fat. If you think you're fat, you're not. You're of average size.

    With that out of the way, I would be very, very cautious. You DON'T know this person, and they just happen to be coming to your city after you've "known" them for two days.

    Let's reverse roles here:

    Your best friend (A girl) tells you, "Hey, I've met this guy online and we've been texting back and forth for a couple days. He's coming into town soon and wants to meet."

    If you advise your friend to meet up with this person, you need your head checked. I'm not joking when I say this sounds like a sexual predator, and you should absolutely not meet up with this person.

    • i am meeting in a public place for coffee...i really have a prob with my self esteem. i have never been on a date i dont know what to do exactly!

  • It has serial killer written all over it in my opinion, be careful with online.


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  • Meeting public most definitely. But ehh

    Go with what you think. If you want to, do. If you don't.. Then don't :), there's other guys

  • Don't met him, you hardly know him. And if you fell like you absolutely have to, go with a large group of friends and accidentally run into him or something. A lot of people can seem nice at first, but texting for two days is not enough to fully understand someones motives.

  • If you have told him how you look and haven't lied, you should meet him

    • yeah he knows but then i am really photogenic and so in my pics i dont really look fat lol

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    • if you keep prolonging it, your uncomfortability will only get worse and you might lose out on a good guy

    • thats what my frd has been saying...idk what to do about my insecurity goshhh i am having a panic attack:(((

  • As long as u were honest about ur self to him u shouldn't be worried because he already knows what u look like and if he wasn't attracted to you then he wouldn't want ro meet u

  • How else do you expect to know him if you dont go meet him? I think its better to do it sooner than wait for a long time build up all these emotions, then be let down in person. Sounds petty, but it happens. I would recommend a public place so if he's a serial killer you dont get killed. lol