Involved with another guy but cannot remove my ex from my mind? help, anyone!

Almost two years ago, my ex (Daryn) split with me. It was a bad break up and I reckon he might be the only person I've ever loved. Let's say to this day there's never been proper closure on the relationship on my part, even until today.

Anyway Daryn and I rarely cross paths, lucky if we do so like even three times a year. When I see him he will stare and things will be awkward. His eyes go soft around me, even if he seems indifferent otherwise.

Lately, I've been talking to a new lovely guy called Mark. He's nice, but I don't feel that I'm clicking with him the way I did with Daryn so far. Mark is serious about me and wants me to take the step and be his girlfriend soon.

I'm too scared to do so, and lately Daryn's been crossing my mind again. I don't understand why even after so long I'm STILL struggling to move on. I pretty much feel empty and lost when I think about missing Daryn.

Mark is a lovely person, we've only just started dating (3 weeks ago) but should I worry that he's not making me feel like Daryn did? I fell in love with Daryn really fast.



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  • I know how you feel. There has been one girl on my mind since my sophomore year in high school. She is everything I want in a girl. She is the type of girl I would marry, because of this I could never go out with her. My charm and good force cause my inner man to come out so I can never stay faithful. I wish I can tell you that you will learn to like Mark, but I personally don't think that will happen. No matter how many girls I get with, I can never forget about the girl I like. I sometimes dream up fantasies that maybe she will be single and we will bump into each other on the street in maybe 10 years and we get married. I feel bad for you because I don't think you will ever get over Daryl. OOOOOOOR I can be a complete weirdo and my feelings only apply to me. I hope its the second one in your case :)

    • Thank you, I hope it's the second one too... but you're not alone and I know exactly how you're feeling! Not saying I don't like Mark, I just don't feel as great as Daryn made me feel.

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  • There's something wrong when a guy spells his name in such a prissy way.
    Try to think about the affected way he spells his name, and other negative traits he has...after a while, you'll WANT to stop thinking about him if that's what comes to mind.

    Then you can move on!

  • Try not to compare, but if the "spark" never gets there, you might have to let the new guy down easy


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  • The more you think about Daryn, the more you miss him. Maybe not miss him because you love him, but because you miss the old him and how it used to be.
    Try talking to Daryn. Maybe he feels the same way or he might help you move on. Either way, you're not mentally and emotionally stable to start something new with someone else. Be genuine with Mark. Don't give him illusions. It's not fair to him.
    1.) Close your past with Daryn and move on with Mark or another guy
    2.) Talk to Daryn and possibly start something new
    You don't have to force yourself to love someone. If you can't, you can't. But don't play with his feelings either.
    Hoped I helped