Ladies - how you're dressed on a date - what should it tell us?

I'm curious how much thought goes into what girls wear on a date. So on a typical dinner date, what does the outfit you're wearing supposed to tell us? Jeans/top vs. Skirt/top vs. dress? Heels vs. flats?

Is it possible to tell how excited about the date she is based on how she's dressed?


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  • Definitely. Lots of thought goes into it, especially for me. Depending on what i wear depends on what we're doing also. If its an occasion where i can dress it up, i definitely will. I always want to look good on a date. Something classy but sexy. And a girl can still be dressed up or cute for a date in jeans. If her hair and make-up isn't done she probably either doesn't care what she looks like to you or she just isn't that kind of girl.


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  • It really depends on where you are going on a date. Of course, you dress for what is appropriate.
    I know for a fact that if she has put a lot of effort into her image, that it definitely shows how enthusiastic she is about the date. But also body language plays a big role.

  • It all depends on where we are going, on how i will dress, and we always dress to impress, because we are hoping we like you

  • it all depends on the girl itself..sometimes (i said sometimes) dress code don't really give a clue about the intention of the girl..only her attitude/behaviour can give you hints on her intentions of the moment

  • I want to look like the hottest girl in the room. Ego boost for him for having a hottie holding his hand and an ego boost for me for looking good.
    Dresses are more for fancy dates, jeans are more for relaxed dates.
    But dresses are a way to get fingered in the car easily.

    • LOL. Pk I like the first half about looking good for yourself and your date. And u agree about fhd fancy dates and relaxed dates.. But the last sentence. No thanks. Hahahaha. #KeepitClassyGaG

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